Talk at CPPP

Talk submissions are closed for CPPP 2020

Who should propose a talk?

Anybody who wants to!

We love having famous talented speakers but are also looking for new voices that will make our conference novel.

We are interested in new subjects and new persepectives on known subjects! We are striving for a diversity of backgrounds (technical and human), approaches and experience.

What should you talk about?

We are looking for talks that are relevant to C++ programmers. Which does not mean that all talks need to be about code. CPPP has three tracks with different perspectives and we recommend to think your talk so that it fits well with one of them.

If you want to propose multiple talks, targetting multiple tracks can increase your chances of being selected.

If new materials are preferred, we also accept submissions of talks already presented in other conferences if the topic and delivery fit our targets.


This track is all about the bases. These are the talks that you wish every new C++ developer would listen to early in their career to start on the right foot. They can be very valuable to experts but need to be accessible to students and beginners.

eg: How to use the STL algorithms? What is “the rule of 0” and when to use it?


This track is for talks that can be immediately applied by professional C++ programmers in their everyday job. Concrete tools and pragmatic ideas that work for legacy codebases and scale well with big teams.

eg: How to start testing legacy code? How to do good code reviews?

Push Forward

Talks in this track propose novel ideas and approaches for C++. They can be patterns that are not well known yet, new features coming in the language, libraries using these recent features or new ways to think about old problems.

eg: What could C++ learn from functional programming? What will C++ 20 modules look like?

How can we help you?


If you feel unsure about how your talk or how to present it, you can ask us for help! Contact with your questions and talk ideas and we can help you. Try doing it as soon as possible to ensure there is enough time for us to answer you and for you to have enough time to write your proposal before the deadline.


If you are selected to be a speaker, we will cover the price of the ticket for you. We will also give you one additional ticket if you want to come accompanied (said ticket should not be resold).

It is very important for us that anybody who could give a good talk will not be prevented for financial reason, which is why we can help any selected speaker by covering the cost of the transportation and hotel.

The hotel reservation will be handled by us. For the transportation, depending on your location, we will give you a maximum expected budget that covers an economy class flight or a train ticket for French speakers and will reimburse you. If you need something different for any reason, please contact us once selected and we will discuss it on a case-by-case basis.

CPPP is organized by a non-profit organization in a very expensive city, so any speaker who can have their cost covered by their company is invited to do that instead. A company paying for it’s speaker transportation and accomodation can automatically be listed as bronze sponsor.


As a speaker, you will be key in how attendees enjoy their conference. That is why you will also be held to a high standard regarding your language and behavior while on stage. No oppressive humour will be tolerated and we ask you to try your best to avoid vocabulary that can make part of the public feel ignored or excluded. If you have doubts about a joke or part of your talk and want to discuss it, you can contact us at and we can help you.

How to submit your proposal?

Talk submissions are closed for CPPP 2020